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Morris County NJ Dryer Vent Cleaning

Morris County NJ Dryer Vent Cleaning: Lintless Dryer Vent Cleaning

The New Jersey Division of Fire Safety wants you to know about a safety issue lurking in your home. It’s your clothes dryer.

Nationwide, firefighters respond to an average of 15,970 residential structure fires caused by clothes dryers or washing machines. Dryers are the culprit in roughly 92% of the fires.

What can you do to prevent this from happening to you?

This article will discuss one thing all Morris County NJ homeowners should do to prevent dryer fires. Read on to learn why routine dryer vent cleaning should be an essential component of your home safety plan.

We’ll start with a quick tip on locating your dryer vent.

The Dryer Vent Is Not the Lint Trap

All dryers have a built-in lint trap. It’s a safety feature designed to trap lint during the drying cycle. You should clean the lint trap after each load.

It’s easy to confuse the lint trap and dryer vent. After all, both trap lint and the lint trap resemble a vent.

You’ll find the lint trap somewhere on the dryer. You’ll need to look behind the dryer to locate the hose that leads to the dryer vent. 

The dryer vent is a tunnel inside your wall that sends moisture from the dryer to the outdoors.

The Importance of Cleaning Dryer Vents 

You’d think keeping the lint trap clean is sufficient, but the truth is, lint traps can only contain so much lint. A small amount gets sucked into the dryer vent, which can build up over time.

By regularly cleaning your dryer vent you:

  • Reduce clothes drying time
  • Have fewer dryer repairs
  • Save energy
  • Reduce fire risk

Cleaning dryer vents is a task you should put on your home maintenance list today. But is it a job you want to tackle yourself?

Why do it yourself when you can hire a company that specializes in dryer vent cleaning services?

Why You Should Use a Professional Service

The average homeowner can probably clean their dryer vent. The process isn’t complicated, but it is time-consuming.

Plus, most people don’t have the correct tools lying around the house for the job.

Also, remember earlier when we mentioned the location of your dryer vent? It sits inside the wall, so you can’t visualize every square inch of the vent.

Because you can’t see the area clearly, you risk missing some of the lint and debris build-ups in the vent.

A qualified professional dryer vent cleaning company brings the best tools to the job. In addition to the right tools, they bring their expertise.

Hiring a professional will give you peace of mind. There’s nothing worse than wondering if you’ve taken care of a potential safety issue the right way.

Schedule Dryer Vent Cleaning Today

Spring is the ideal time to schedule dryer vent cleaning. You’re in the spring-cleaning mindset anyway, so why not check one more item off your to-do list?

Morris County, NJ, residents rely on Lintless Dryer Vent Cleaning for dryer vent cleaning and maintenance. We also take care of air duct cleaning and offer sanitization services.

Reach out today to speak with one of our Morris County NJ dryer vent cleaning technicians and for a free estimate.

Morris County NJ Towns We Provide Dryer Vent Cleanings

Rockaway, Morris Plains, Morristown, Morris Township, Washington Township, Chatham, Montville, Boonton, Dover, Denville, Parsippany Troy Hills, Randolph, Madison, Chester, Chatham, Wharton, Jefferson, East Hanover, Roxbury Township, Mount Olive, Florham Park, Mendham, Jefferson, Kinnelon, Rockaway Township, Kinnelon, Pequannock Township, Butler, Hanover, Netcong, Mount Arlington, Harding, Lincoln Park, Riverdale, Mountain Lakes, Long Hill, Boonton Township, Chester Township, Mine Hill and Victory Gardens in Morris County, New Jersey.

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