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9 Genius House Cleaning Tips & Tricks

9 Genius House Cleaning Tips & Tricks

9 Easy and Unique House Cleaning Tips & Tricks

You want your home to be clean, but suppose you have a super busy schedule and cannot get to it, or like many who would rather spend their time doing something other than cleaning.

Dirt and clutter can cause unwanted stress. So, to eliminate additional stress after a long day at work, it is essential to come home to a pleasant environment. 

There’s no escaping the need to tidy, vacuum, and scrub. But some house-cleaning methods are more valuable than others. Get it right, carry out housework efficiently, and you’ll have free time to do what you prefer. 

Here we discuss nine easy but essential house cleaning tips that will keep your home fresh while allowing you time to work and enjoy the extracurricular activities you love.


Kitchen and bathroom sinks are quick to gather grime. They soon lose their luster and appear grubby due to soap residue, grease, and other substances poured down the plughole. You can revive your sink’s sheen with a bit of olive oil. Rinse away dirt first with hot, soapy water. Then pour a small amount of olive oil onto a cloth. Now use it to buff the sink and make it gleam.

Chrome fittings

Taps and other chrome fixtures look fabulous when shiny and fresh. When stained and dirty, however, their appeal vanishes. Refresh them with screwed-up kitchen foil. Scrunch foil into a ball and rub fixtures to make them glisten again.


Dirt-laden windows aren’t always easy to clean. You likely expect to sweat and toil to make them shine. Nevertheless, they will be spotless if you soak scrunched-up newspaper in vinegar and use it to clean them. This method is non-toxic and cheap too.

Pet fur

As much as you love your pets, you probably find the furry residue left behind them on furniture and carpets challenging to shift. If so, use a windows squeegee to lift the unsightly hairs. Then, scrape it across carpet piles and other materials to easily collect them. Alternatively, wear rubber gloves and run your hands over furniture, curtains, and carpets, and you’ll find the fur comes away without raising your stress level.

Fake flowers

Artificial flowers can be beautiful when you bring them home from a shop. Eventually, though, they gather dust and their attraction declines. But you can re-establish their former beauty. Put them in a paper bag with salt inside, close the bag, and give it a shake. The salt will absorb dirt and leave the flowers fresh.

Venetian blinds

When new, blinds look stylish. After a while, they get dirty, though. You might clean the rest of your home with plenty of elbow grease. However, it won’t look its best if your blinds are dirt-laden. Luckily, there is a simple way to get rid of grime accumulation. Place your hand in a damp sock and run it along the blinds to clean them and discourage further dust build-up.


It’s hard to clean dusty lampshades when you don’t know how. Most people mistake rubbing them with damp cloths, which makes matters worse as it leaves an unsightly residue. It’s wiser to puff away dust. Compressed air, the type you might use at the office to blow dust from your keyboard, will blast dust from lampshades without leaving a mess. A hairdryer will do the trick if there’s no air can handy. Or, of course, you can use a vacuum cleaner.


You’ll find spiderwebs in hard-to-reach places at home. They dwell across ceiling corners, furniture, and appliances and remain in place even when their owner discards them. Get rid of them by pulling a balloon through them, as webs easily cling to the rubber surface. Or, if webs hide in recesses, use a bottle brush or paintbrush to dislodge them.

These eight helpful house cleaning tips will help you keep your house free from dust and dirt and give you more time for relaxation and enjoyable hobbies.

But, we are not done yet because we have the ninth trick, a vital house cleaning tip not to be ignored.

Finally, Clear The Air From Dust

This final idea to help the air in the space remain clean and healthy is no work to you. Simply, call your local air duct cleaning company to clean your air vents that circulate air throughout your home or business. You would be surprised to see the difference fresh air can make.

Contact Lintless Dryer Vent Cleaning to not only clean your air vents in your home or business but to sanitize them as well. And while you are at it, we clean dryer vents too.