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Lintless is a trustworthy and reputable company specializing in dryer vent and air duct cleaning services. Our foundation is built on honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Our mission is to provide quality service and results and educate our valued customers in the process.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Rid your home of bacteria, dirt and dust. Breathe clean fresh air all year long.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Protection is key. Prevent clogging in the dryer vents and eliminate the risk of dangerous fires.

Sanitizing Services

Proper sanitizing is vital to eliminate bacteria, fungus, germs, mildew, viruses and odors.

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By removing dirty particles from the air, the air becomes cleaner and fresher.

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Lintless is here to serve our community during the Covid-19 outbreak. The health and safety of our customers and our employees are critical to us, so we have updated our policies in accordance with the CDC recommendations and local recommendations.

Any technician showing signs of illness will not be allowed to come to work. Technicians will also be tested daily for fever and ask about other common warning signs. If you have any reason to believe you have been in contact with the virus, please notify us before scheduling.

Our technicians are wearing new booties and using hand sanitizer before entering homes and businesses. Technicians are avoiding touching anything other than ductwork and equipment. All technicians are practicing social distancing, trying to keep 6 feet themselves and the customers.

We pray you and your family stay healthy and safe during this difficult time. 

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